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Conditions for entering and staying in Switzerland

I am a citizen of a non-EU/EFTA state in possession of an unlimited residence permit valid for an EU-/EFTA state. Do I need visa to work in Switzerland?

Whether or not you possess a residence permit valid for an EU/EFTA state does not affect your status in Switzerland. You are subject to the same provisions on entry provisions on entry and work as people who enter Switzerland from a third state. As a rule, you will need to apply for an entry visa, which will be issued by the Swiss diplomatic representation abroad as soon as you have been granted a work permit.

Note: If you are employed by a business enterprise headquartered in an EU/EFTA state and sent to Switzerland to work, the Agreement on the freedom of movement of persons allows you to stay in Switzerland for ninety days. You only need to notify the appropriate authorities. For further information click here here.


Social security (Old Age, Survivors’ and Disability Insurance, OASI/DI; Compulsory Pension Act, CPA; Accident Insurance Act AIA; etc.).)

Family reunion
Sorry, for the time being, information on family reunion is available in German, French, and Italian only.