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Please note that the general visa and entry procedure is described in detail in our information sheet:

1. General information on entry and visa procedures


2. Special information on Schengen


3. Border-crossing / Travel documents


4. For hosts in Switzerland

I would like to invite a guest to Switzerland. How should I proceed?

Our information sheet describes the general visa procedure. Further information can be found in our regulations.

Information Sheet:
Information sheet for entry to the Schengen Area / Visa Procedure Information sheet for entry to the Schengen Area / Visa Procedure (38 Kb, pdf)

General entry and visa requirements General entry and visa requirements (2 Entry to Switzerland)
Staying in Switzerland Staying in Switzerland (3 Staying in Switzerland)



5. Travelling in the Schengen area with a Swiss residence permit


6. Questions on granted or refused visas


7. Long-term residency in Switzerland (more than 90 days) / Employment in Switzerland


8. Other questions