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Please note that the general visa and entry procedure is described in detail in our information sheet:

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May EU or EEA citizens who are travelling on a non-valid travel document or without a travel document made out in their name enter Switzerland?

Anyone who wishes to enter Switzerland is required to hold a valid travel document made out in his/her name (a passport, emergency passport, temporary passport, ID card, or a special travel document issued to children up to a certain age). Please note that citizens of countries listed in Annex 1, List 1 may enter Switzerland on various expired travel documents:
Annex 1, List 1: Overview of ID and visa provisions according to nationality Annex 1, List 1: Overview of ID and visa provisions according to nationality

Persons wishing to enter Switzerland without a valid travel document will be admitted if citizenship can be proven or shown to be plausible. The burden of proof rests with the person concerned and the person(s) accompanying children. Proof of citizenship may be furnished by any appropriate means. The Federal Office for Migration suggests carrying along the following documents to furnish proof of one's citizenship:

  • Photocopy of a valid travel document
  • An expired travel document.
  • An official document proving the identity and/or citizenship of the holder (e.g. driver’s licence).
  • Children: an extract of the entry of a child's personal data contained in an official register (e.g. the register of births, marriages, and deaths); if no such official register exists in the parents' EU or EEA member state, or if no extract could be issued for lack of time, then the original of the child's birth certificate will also do.

In all cases it is strongly suggested that travellers always apply for a travel document as soon as possible.

Please note that a number of airline companies will not transport people without valid travel documents. Check transport conditions with your airline.



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