Russia asks Switzerland to extradite Adamov

Press Release, FOJ, 19.05.2005

Bern, 19.05.2005. On Tuesday, Russia submitted an application to Switzerland for the extradition of Evgeniy Adamov. The formal extradition request is based on an arrest warrant issued by a Moscow court on 14 May 2005. The office of the Russian Attorney General has instituted proceedings against the former atomic energy minister on the grounds of fraud that he is alleged to have committed during his time in office.

Evgeniy Adamov was arrested in Bern on 2 May 2005, following a petition from the United States. He is currently being held provisionally in custody, pending extradition. The US criminal prosecution authorities suspect him of embezzling a sum of USD 9 million destined for nuclear safety upgrades, and of having transferred it to various US companies under his control. The facts stated in the Russian extradition request are not exactly the same as those of the US arrest petition, although both cases essentially concern the unlawful attainment of funds intended to improve nuclear safety.

The US authorities have until 30 June 2005 to submit their own extradition request. The question of which application takes priority is still unclear and will be examined in the course of extradition proceedings. Under the terms of international treaties, if extradition is requested concurrently by more than one state, the requested party must make its decision in consideration of all the circumstances, and especially the relative seriousness and place of commission of the offences, the repective dates of the requests, the nationality of the person claimed and the possibility of subsequent extradition to another state.

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